vocal coaching + mentorship sessions

I’ve lived my life behind a microphone. Whether on a stage or in a studio, vocal performance has been my passion as well as my vocation.   I’ve made a living with my voice for nearly 30 years.  Having begun my recording career as a young teenager with little knowledge, I found my way over the years with help from people who had paved the way and who, with wisdom, were willing to teach and give me direction.  Experience is indeed a great teacher, but having mentors and guides along the way adds immensely to the journey.  

That is why I’ve decided to offer one on one vocal coaching and mentorship sessions.  I am now the one who’s gone before, I am now the one with experience.  I know there are so many gifted singers and songwriters out there new to this life of Music in need of encouragement and guidance.  I don’t have all the answers, but I can offer insight and counsel to help you find your way.

*These sessions are live, via Skype/Facetime. One on One, you and me.  

*This is not a prerecorded video series.  

*There is no curriculum, no blueprint. 

*We’ll talk through YOUR dreams and address YOUR questions. 


One 30 minute Vocal Coaching+Mentorship Session ——————— 100.00

Series of 4 x 30 minute Vocal Coaching+Mentorship Sessions———— 375.00


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