cooking class // Paris edition

on our recent trip to Paris, Brian and i attended a small cooking class in the kitchen of acclaimed author and chef, Susan Herrmann Loomis. An American living in Paris for 30 years, Susan was an absolute delight!! we had an extraordinary time, chopping, whisking, baking and tasting an array of classic french dishes prepared by.... US!  in addition to the actual preparation, cooking and instruction, we enjoyed a salt tasting and a chocolate tasting! so interesting and delicious. i highly recommend this experience as it gives you a taste... literally... of authentic french food and hospitality, even though Susan is American by blood, she is oh so french at heart.  visit her website for details and information on classes and her blog for recipes:  On Rue Tatin

Brian prepared the rhubarb tarts

Brian's other task was to prepare the duck

i pitted the cherries and made the sauce that would accompany the duck

the beautiful duck and deliciously juicy cherries

that stove...

finished  duck, resting, rare

classic french appetizers... raw veggies, bread and butter, olive oil cookies, crisps made from the tart dough and sautéed mushrooms (which were my favorite... i ate them like potato chips!)

finished rhubarb tarts

finished duck with cherries

Susan and me