MusicMonday // Story Behind the Song

for my first ever post on a

music monday

i'm going with a 'story behind the song'.

i personally love hearing the stories behind songs, i love knowing the thought process of the writing and the deeper meaning behind the lyrics.  i figured i can't be the only one!

beauty for ashes

is the song i've chosen to use as an introduction to this new feature.

it's the title track to the album, beauty for ashes, and was released in 1996. it was the first album we (metro one) recorded/released in partnership with myrrh records.  in addition to having a 2 year old at the time (solomon), i was pregnant for the entire recording process with isabella.  actually, no... i did have to take a break from recording to actually give birth to her!  and we had to put the finishing touches on the album after she was born! including a trip to northern california where the very special mr. ron kenoly generously contributed his vocal talents to this song.

when we first began work on this project, i became completely consumed with the passage of scripture the song is taken from.  i had chosen the title and recorded the majority of the album before i had written the song.  i'm not sure what i was waiting for, it just took that long for the truth of it to settle in my heart i guess.

and settle it has. i come back to this passage often, for as all scripture does, it holds true.