12 in 2012 {august}

'prone to wander Lord i feel it
prone to leave the God i love...'

{come thou fount of every blessing}

no matter how deep our longing for the things of God, even our longing for Christ himself, the fact remains that we live in mortal bodies with hearts of flesh. sin rules this world. darkness hovers over it. and as full of light as we may be with the glory of the creator residing inside us, our minds and hearts remain under perpetual attack. i don't think we are 'prone to wander' because we don't have enough faith, or we don't love Jesus enough. i believe it's because the enemy is waging a constant battle for our failure. our spirits may be willing, but our flesh is weak. we may believe, but we may need help overcoming our unbelief. {mark 9:24}

with this in mind, i read psalm 141. as David expressed his desire for protection from such sin, in both word and deed, i too realize my weakness. my desperate need for a hand to hold to keep me steady and balanced. to keep me from drifting and falling.

and listen. in my minds eye, i don't simply imagine my small hand being held by a big strong hand as we walk along the beach...although that would be lovely. but no.

what i see is a narrow trail along a jagged, rock strewn mountain top. me slipping, groping, dangling.  a massive, muscular arm reaching down just as i can't hold on any longer and clutching my forearm as i seize his.  when i drift, i fall. when i let go, i fail.

don't let yourself inch toward the edge. even in subtle ways. sometimes it may seem harmless... but the inevitable fall will have devastating consequences.

out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks... {matthew 12:34}
'unless the fountain of life is kept pure, the streams of life will soon be polluted'... {Spurgeon}

i don't want to be a drifter. to aimlessly wander or simply be carried along by the current of society.
rather, i want to decide to be focused. to be careful.

my verse for the month of August is:

Psalm 141:3+4

'take control of what i say, o Lord, and guard my lips.
don't let me drift toward evil or take part in acts of wickedness.
don't let me share in the delicacies of those who do wrong'

what's yours?