12 in 2012 {june}

today begins the 6th month of 2012. is it flying by for you in the same way it's flying by for me? we have reached the half way mark.  this month is particularly, and immeasurably, significant for us this year because our son is getting married.

June 9, 2012.


it's a date we've had on the calendar for nearly a year. and it's now a week away.  and while i'm filled to overflowing with joy and excitement {due to the obvious happiness that a certain beautiful girl clearly brings my boy}, i'm also fighting back fears of my inadequate parenting. what if it turns out i missed a few things? what if it turns out i let some stuff fall between the gaps? what if there are lessons i skipped, information i failed to relay, facts i totally goofed up, or important advice i forgot to give?
{well... in my case, they'll be living next door so i'll just write a note or run over there real quick}.
but seriously!!!! all those thoughts have crossed my mind.  my season as mommy to Solomon is over. i will always be his mother, but he no longer needs me as his mommy. and sometimes i wonder if i did a good job. if i could've done a better job...

the fear and doubt and insecurity that attempts to make it's way into my head on days like these can be debilitating. they can keep me from joy, blind me from truth and trick me into a downward spiral.  BUT i have a not-so-secret-weapon: the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God {Ephesians 6:17}.  and at this half way point in our journey of memorizing one verse each month, i find that i need the strength that the Lord brings more than ever. i need the truth and encouragement that the Word gives.  my verse for this month reflects that... it also reflects the fact that I KNOW the victory comes, will come, has come!!

crystal; whitefish, mt; Psalm 118:14 "The Lord is my strength and my song; He has given me victory!"

feel free to post your verse for the month of June in the comment section below::