12 in 2012 {May}

have you read through the old testament lately? if you have, then you're well aware of the fact that God's faithfulness is constant, consistent, complete. i'm regularly wowed by the fact that He is always encouraging the Israelites, and each generation thereafter, to remind their families of His faithfulness. He admonishes them to remember, to make sure that each new generation is aware of their history and His faithfulness in the rescuing and redemption of His people. 

as i've been reading through it this year, i've been reminded, too.  i can look back at my childhood and recall moments when my grandparents shared stories of God's faithfulness with me.  days when my dad spoke truth into my young life. conversations with my mom that dramatically influenced my future. and i'm grateful for their faithfulness.

today i find myself in the beautiful, blessed place of being able to speak into my daughter and son's lives, as my parents did for me.  i've been told and taught... and now i get the privilege of telling and teaching.  

 i've chosen a memory verse for this month that reflects that truth:

crystal; whitefish, mt; psalm 89:1
"i will sing of the mercy and loving-kindness of the Lord forever, with my mouth will i make known your faithfulness from generation to generation."

{my mom, Mary}
{my daughter, Izzi}

join me in memorizing a verse each month! post yours in the comment section....