the truth about juice

if you are looking for an easy way to cut some sugar out of your diet,  try juicing your own oranges and/or grapefruits.  store bought juice...just about ALL of it!!... is loaded with sugar.   a piece of whole fruit..or juicing something a much better option for your body, and your brain.  

we use this citrus juicer by cuisinart. you can pick one up at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond.{or this yellow one is super cute!}

i was only making enough for 2 people this morning, so i used 4 med to large grapefruits. we buy the giant bag of them at Costco. 

when i have time, i'll juice a dozen or more and fill up a pitcher. that way, i have some ready to go in the fridge for when i don't have time to make a fresh batch.

when i was a kid, i did not care for grapefruits at all!!! now i eat them like candy! they are great cut up in segments on top of pancakes!! sounds weird, but it's the best thing ever!! {with the teeniest sprinkle of powdered sugar...but no syrup}

this is such a cheap & easy ... not to mention healthy... way to get your vitamin c for the day!